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The Polar Kraft Podcast 

Oct 13, 2022

We're not really fishing for dinosaurs on this editon of the Polar Kraft podcast but we are talking fishing for every species of fish in the St. Clair River...including the prehistoric looking sturgeon with Pete Patsalis of Hook One Charters.

Pete is best known for his walleye expertise but he's also a very knowledgeable perch, musky, salmon, sturgeon and bass angler.

Patsalis describes how his passion for fishing started at an early age and why he was willing to risk everything to start a charter service and bait shop.

He also talks about the finer points of fishing the St. Clair River and why the depth and current can be a challenge for anglers.

Pete then explains why his Polar Kraft Outlander is the perfect boat for his multi species trips.